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Blackberry Jam

This is the way my Mom’s mother made homemade blackberry jam. Blackberry bushes were all over the farm. Picking them was hard work considering the thorns and the bees but it was worth it to get homemade blackberry cobbler and blackberry jam. The jam was great on homemade buttered biscuits with a cup of coffee and it’s still a favorite of mine. I have included a sugar-free recipe and a good brand to buy at the store.

The Old Fashioned Way

Here’s a link to how to make homemade fruit jam the old fashioned:

How to Make Home-made Jam on


The process is rather lengthy and a bit tricky. Here is a link from the same folks for no-sugar jam:

Can I make Jam Without Added Sugar?

The Quick and Easy Way

New jams in stores are almost as good and a whole lot easier. Try Smuckers Brand® Seedless Blackberry Jam or Sugar-free Seedless Blackberry Jam.

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