Istanbul, Turkey - September 2001

Old Istanbul and the Maiden’s Tower at Sunset

Old Istanbul at Sunset

The Maiden’s Tower at Sunset

Tozan, Bahar, and Charlie

 Charlie, Bahar, and Me 

Aya Sofia (Hagia Sophia) first constructed in 537 AD, 

it was the largest enclosed space for almost 1,000 years

Charlie and me about to tour the Aya Sofia Cathedral

Inside the Aya Sofia

Mosaic of Madonna and Child in the dome of Aya Sofia

Charlie amazed by the architecture of Aya Sofia

Justinian I (left) offers Aya Sofia & Constantine I (right)

Outside the Blue Mosque

Inside the Blue Mosque

Medusa in the Basilica Cistern. Right side up was unlucky

Work of art set up in the Basilica Cistern

Entrance to the Topkapi Palace

The Mehter Band, one of the first military bands in the world

Armored Janisarry Soldier

Charlie, me, Tozan, and Bahar enjoying a great dinner

The Maiden’s Tower at night

Looking across at Old Istanbul at night under a new moon

Art in one of the domes of the Chora Church

Byzantine mosaic of St. Peter at the Chora Church

Istanbul University

Charlie and me outside Istanbul University

Charlie, Bahar, and Tozan at a cafe just outside the Book Bazaar

Inside the Grand Bazaar - This place is huge

Bahar and Charlie at the Spice (Egyptian) Bazaar

The Spice Bazaar

One of the Spice Bazaar stalls

Dinner at an outdoor cafe, a live band, and dancing

The Dolmabahçe Palace

Guard at the Dolmabahçe Palace is not supposed to move at all

On a boat ride up the Bosphorus Strait

Dolmabahçe Palace from the water

Mosque near the Bosphorus Bridge

Rumeli Castle built by the Turks during the siege of Constantinople

Returning, the Bosphorus looks like silver in the afternoon sun

Looking toward the Bosphorus Bridge - Europe-Asia

Me and Charlie at the top of the Maiden’s Tower

Charlie and a friend in Athens on the way back home

I lay over in Dublin. View of Christchurch Cathedral from my room at Jury’s Inn

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