Main & Side Dishes - Thanksgiving Dinner

Cranberry Relish

We had canned cranberry sauce for many years with our turkey at Thanksgiving and then one year Mom came up with this fresh cranberry relish recipe - delicious!


4 cups (1 pkg.) washed raw cranberries

2 peeled and cored apples (sweet apples work best, like Honeycrisp)

1 large seedless orange, peeled and cut into sections

2 cups pecan pieces

1 cup granulated sugar or Splenda®



In one variation of this recipe, you can leave the skin on the apple sections.

We usually use a food processor to chop the cranberries, apples, and oranges separately and then mix them together with the pecan pieces. Pulse the food processor carefully so that the ingredients look chopped and not pureed. Add sugar and mix all ingredients together. After mixing, place in a covered bowl, let set at room temperature for about an hour so the sugar will dissolve and then refrigerate. It tastes best after chilling for a few hours or even overnight, so it’s a great dish to make the day before.

Copyright ©  Mike Perry, 2011