The Perry-Poole Family Tree - Person Sheet
The Perry-Poole Family Tree - Person Sheet
NameHenry II Plantagenet , King of England
Birth5 Mar 1133, Le Mans, Maine, France
Death6 Jul 1189, Chinon, France
Burial1189, Fontevraud Abbey, Anjou, France
Misc. Notes
Fitz-Empress (Son of the Empress Matilda)
Curtmantle (Short Coat)

Count of Anjou (1151 - 1189)  
Duke of Normandy (1151 - 1189)  
Duke of Aquitaine (1152 - 1189)  
King of England (1154 - 1189)

King Henry was styled as, "Rex Angliae, Dux Normaniae et Aquitaniae et Comes Andigaviae." This appears to be the first official use of the title, "King of England," rather than "King of the English, " although modern historians give the title to all sovereigns from William the Conqueror.

Crowned by Theobald, Archbishop of Canterbury.

Henry supported a petition to Rome to make Edward the Confessor a saint. Edward was canonized in 1161, and on 13 October 1163, Henry was present at a ceremony in Westminster Abbey at which Archbishop Thomas Becket elevated Edward's remains.

Henry was known for his excellent memory, as well as for his occasional fits of bad temper, which involved rolling on the floor and biting furniture.

It was said that Henry could speak every language used in Europe, from France to the Holy Land--but he probably could not speak English.

Henry was very interested in learning. Peter of Blois said, "With the King of England, it is school every day; there is always conversation with learned men and discussion of learned problems."

Traditionally, Henry's dying words are supposed to have been, "Shame, shame on a conquered king," referring to his sons' insurrections.

Portrayed by Peter O'Toole in both the 1964 film "Becket" and the 1968 film "Lion in Winter."
Death1 Apr 1204, Fontevraud, Anjou, France
Burial1204, Fontevraud, Anjou, France
Marriage18 May 1152, Poitiers, Poitou, France
ChildrenEleanor (Leanora) (1162-1214)
 John (1166-1216)
Birthabt 1125, England
Deathabt 1190, England
ChildrenWilliam (1176-1226)
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