The Perry-Poole Family Tree - Person Sheet
The Perry-Poole Family Tree - Person Sheet
NameEochaid IV “The Venomous” , King of Dalriada
Birthabt 750, Dalriada
Death839, Scotland
Misc. Notes
Eochaid IV of Dalriada “the Poisonous” or “the Venemous” (Scottish Gaelic: Eochaid “Annuine”) was king of Dál Riata in 781. He was the son of Aed and Fergina and the father of Alpin II by his wife, Urgusia ingen Fergusa.

Some sources state that he was the king "of Scotland", but it remains unclear what this meant, as Scotland did not exist in any modern sense at that time. The title may well have been symbolic.

Eochaid's wife is said to have been the sister and heiress of a king of the Picts.

It is this Eochaid that is believed to have fought in 832 on the side of the Picts under King Angus MacFergus at the battle of Athelstanford in Northumbria against the Angles and their king Athelstan.

The night before battle, Saint Andrew reportedly appeared to Angus in a vision, and on the field of battle the next day, a saltire, or x-shaped cross, similar to the one that Saint Andrew was crucified on, appeared in the sky, encouraging the Picts and Scots in their fight and causing the Northumbrians to flee the field, after their leader, Athelstan, was killed. The flag of Scotland dates back to this event and represents the white cross of St. Andrew against a field of blue.
ChildrenAlpin II (~778-834)
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