The Perry-Poole Family Tree - Person Sheet
The Perry-Poole Family Tree - Person Sheet
NameBenjamin (Benois) Brashear (Brasseur) 169,167
Birthabt 1620, France
DeathMay 1663, Calvert Co., Maryland
FatherRobert Brasseur (Brashear) (~1590-~1666)
MotherElizabeth Fowke (~1592-~1665)
Misc. Notes
The Brasseur family were French Huguenots, Protestants who were dissidents against the Catholic Church, searching for freedom from religious persecution in France by emmigrating to Holland, England, then America.  The surname has been spelled a number of ways over the last few centuries - Brasher, Brashear(s), Boshears, Brashier, Bratcher, Brasier, Brazier, Basher, Bashier and even Bradshaw. The original name is thought to have come from the French word "Bras" meaning arm (a part of the body) and "Seuir" meaning Lord or Knight.  Most Brashears and variants of the name in America come from Benois Brasseur’s sons Robert, Benjamin and John, however, there appears to be another branch that entered the American Colonies through the New England area.

There are generally two versions of the background of Benois Brasseur before coming to America.  The Brasseur Family history has been most thoroughly researched in recent times and published by Charles Brashear in several volumes titled A Brashear(s) Family History.

Benois Brasseur and his brother Robert arrived in Kent, England probably about 1640 where Benois met and married his wife, Mary Richford. The family left England and arrived in Virginia in 1653. In 1658, they moved to Calvert County, Maryland where they established a residence. Benois was commissioned as a justice in Calvert County in 1661. In 1663, Benois was naturalized as a former citizen of France and Anglicized his name to Benjamin Brashear. Benjamin (Benois) died shortly after his naturalization in May 1663.

Mary Richford Brashear's will was recorded in 1663 along with a prenuptial contract with Thomas Starling, who she intended to marry. In the will, she names her three sons - Robert, Benjamin, and John - and five daughters - Mary, Anne, Susannah, Martha, and Elizabeth.
Birth1630, Thanet, Kent, England
Deathabt 1668, Clifts, Calvert Co., Maryland
Marriageabt 1645, Kent, England
ChildrenRobert (1646-1712)
 Benjamin (1647-1675)
 John (~1650-1696)
 Susannah (~1652-1692)
 Anne (~1653-1724)
 Elizabeth (~1654-1728)
 Martha (~1658-1688)
 Mary (~1660-1702)
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