The Perry-Poole Family Tree - Person Sheet
The Perry-Poole Family Tree - Person Sheet
NameSihtric “Silkbeard” , King of Dublin
Birthabt 975, Dublin, Ireland
Death1036, Clontarf, Dublin, Ireland
Misc. Notes
Viking King of Dublin and first Christian King of Dublin, he went on pilgrimage to Rome in 1028.

Sigtrygg Silkbeard Olafsson (known also as "Sitric" in Irish texts) was the son of King Olaf Cuaran and Gormflaith. He was the leader of the Vikings at the Battle of Clontarf in 1014 against the forces of Brian Boru, though he himself did not take part.

In 989, he succeeded his brother, Glun Iarainn ("Iron-knee"), as King of Dublin. In 998, his cousin, King Mael Mordha of Leinster, rebelled against the High King of Ireland, Brian BorĂº. In 999, Sigtrygg was defeated alongside his cousin at the Battle of Glen Mama. To negotiate peace, Brian married one of his daughters to Sigtrygg and took Gormflaith as wife. However, when Brian divorced Gormflaith, she began plotting with Sigtrygg against him. Sigtrygg gained the support of Earl Sigurd of Orkney and Brodir of the Isle of Man, and the conflict came to its climax at the Battle of Clontarf. Though the Irishmen were victorious, Brian Boru was killed while Sigtrygg was safe behind the walls of Dublin. Sigtrygg died in 1036.
ChildrenOlaf (Auloed) (~994-1035)
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